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Singular DTV – An entertainment based coin to watch out for this week.

Another week and another wild ride in the crypto markets. But one of the coins that I am watching right now and for the rest of the week is SingularDTV. This is a decentralized entertainment technology which helps artists reach their audience without the countless intermediaries and third parties that control the current entertainment industry. Think of it as the next evolution of how Youtube and Soundclould allowed artists to reach fans directly, but SingularDTV is a huge step beyond that.

Today, they released their much anticipated Tokit (tokenize it) application which allows artists to create their own ecosystems in which they and their fans can both benefit. It’s an exciting new idea in the entertainment world and it fits perfectly with the direction we already see many new artists going. For example, recently the hugely successful rap artist Chance The Rapper bypassed most of the traditional record labels and built his own following on social media. SingularDTV is the next evolution in that system, since it bypasses all the centralized intermediaries and allows artists to have full control of their intellectual property and monetization.

As for pricing, they had a good run yesterday and today as well with the launch of Tokit so they are near a high. However, they announced more news to be released all week long, so this should have a positive impact on the price. Personally, I would wait for it to drop back around the $0.16 range but these prices change so frequently you have to keep an eye on the charts to make the right decision.

But overall, SingularDTV is a coin I am watching this week and it would be wise for you to add it to your list of coins to watch. It could be ready to make a nice move in the near future.

Disclaimer – This is just my personal opinion and my own personal investment strategy. It is not financial advise.

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