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Bitpetite has relaunced under a new name – Customers already lining up to get scammed again

An update to my earlier Bitpetite story. And for those that don’t know, Bitpetite was a Ponzi style lending site that shut down this week and ran off with everyone’s money.

However, like a Phoenix they have risen again to con another batch of crypto noobs out of their hard earned cash. The people behind Bitpetite have launched a similar site at How do we know it’s the same people behind this site? Well, they were so lazy they left their same names and bios in the FAQ section of the new site that was on the now defunct Bitpetite site. However, it has since been changed but not before screenshots were made and posted on Twitter.

But it seems there will be a never ending stream of these of scammer Ponzi sites as the demand is high despite customers having been just ripped off. A search through comments on sites like YouTube are filled with scammed customers just waiting to catch the next scam site in hopes of making their profits before getting scammed yet again. Here is a sample of comments from a video about BitPetite being a scam where people who lost money are already looking to give it another try.

“I’m going back to bitconnect also and walking away from EthConnect if I can lol site down also”

“I did jump on another similar website because it just started out and I am sure I’ll cover my bitpetite losses + get some profit…”

“I lost money in Bitpètite (I started the program too late so unable to recover the initial investment despite the daily withdrew..). As you advise, I did move on and found (and invested in) 2 nice and safe opportunities (one is passive income, the other is mining farm). How could I link those to you to able you to have a look, and maybe some interest as well ??”

As you can see, it seems you can scam the same people over and over again which leads me to believe we are about to see an explosion of these sites over the next few months.

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