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Crypto will usher in a new type of economy – The trading economy.

I think most of us in crypto already believe we are part of something that is truly revolutionary. A revolution in finance and the way we fundamentally look at money. Not to mention the things that are going to be possible with blockchain technology. However, I think we may be underestimating what we are all part of at the moment. I am starting to believe we are entering a new type of economy and one that will be dominated by trading and decentralized exchanges where virtually everything you can think of is speculated on and traded.

Throughout modern history, as technology changes, so does the core aspect of the economy. Before industrialization, we lived in an agricultural economy. Most of the money and resources were focused around farming. Then we had the industrial boom, and most jobs were coming from factories and other types of industry and manufacturing. Recently, we have entered what most believe to be the service economy. Most new jobs are service related, either companies providing a service or individuals providing a service to others (think Uber).

So what is next? I believe we are entering the trading economy.

With manufacturing jobs totally gone and technology and automation replacing what few jobs are left, I believe trading and speculation will be the only way to make a good living in the future. However, this would be impossible with the current system of Wall street, central banks, and governments controlling how, where, and what we can trade. But that is all changing and we have seen the first part of that with crypto exchanges. Here, a totally new type of exchanges opened up around the world. These exchanges were never regulated or sanctioned, yet they succeeded. Sure, they had their growing pains, and they will continue to, but the fact that billion dollar trading markets opened all by themselves and succeeded is a huge sign of things to come.

We all know decentralized exchanges are coming sooner than later. And I believe it is this technology that will open up all sorts of trading pairs outside of crypto that we can’t even imagine yet. As we enter this new trading economy, virtually everything will be turned into something that can be speculated on and traded for a profit. We will essentially all be traders or involved in the trading economy. And the ones who can hone there skills now will be the leaders in this new economy.

I know it may sound like a stretch but I am starting to believe it more and more. The revolution of crypto is even bigger than we thought. It is not only going to usher in a new financial system, but it will also usher in a totally new economy. The trading economy.

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