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It appears Bittrex is quietly rolling out required verification for all accounts.

If you remember, a few months back Bittrex locked thousands of users out of their accounts until they submitted paperwork for “enhance verification”. This process would take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on which customer complaints you read. The worst part about this is that Bittrex has never detailed who and why certain accounts got locked for verification issues although they claimed it was a tiny number of accounts.

Well, after speaking with more users, it appears as though Bittrex is quietly requiring all accounts to eventually be verified. They have made no public statement but it does seem based on customer testimonials that they are slowly going through their customer base and locking accounts and requiring verification documents before unlocking the account. The worst part about this is they are allowing customers to still deposit money. So you could deposit $10K only to be locked out of your account a day later, which to me is very dishonest. That combined with the fact that they haven’t even publicly stated they are rolling out this verification seems strange as well. It seems obvious that if they required all their customers to be verified at once, the exchange would go under, so they probably had no choice but to roll it out slowly. The issue is they should let customers who are about to be locked out know so that they can decide if they want to pull their money out or not. That would be the smartest way to handle this. This seemingly “secret” roll-out of required verification seems to be not very customer friendly.

If this does happen to your account, it seems you can still withdraw .025 BTC per day for a few days until you are totally locked out despite a warning after your login saying that you can’t withdraw anything. This isn’t much help but it does seem to allow some people to get some of their coins off the exchange while waiting for verification. I have also heard reports of the verification process getting “stuck” and there not being a way to reach support. So if you do go through the verification process, make sure to read all the instructions very carefully so your verification doesn’t get hung up.

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