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South Korea is simply playing good cop/bad cop with these mixed signals.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for keeping people compliant. In it’s simplest terms it’s the ol’ good cop/bad cop routine. What this essentially boils down to is two people who are conspiring against a third person to gain their trust. The two people conspiring together pretend to be on separate teams and at odds with each other, even though they are both working towards the same goal. And by the time the third person realizes it, he’s already been duped.

In the cop scenario, one cop comes off as a total hard ass, dead set on throwing the book at you. Then the second cop comes in, he’s much more understanding of your dilemma, and he’s willing to seek out a compromise, or so he pretends. The second cops puts you at ease and causes you to let down your guard despite the fact that both cops have the intention of ruining your life.

The recent mixed signals and actions of the South Korean government perfectly match this good cop/bad cop routine. You have one department in the government putting out harsh news about banning or strict regulations. Then hours later, another part of the government comes out with a more relaxed tone, and saying to not believe the other statement, those guys are not in line with the rest of us and it was all just a misunderstanding. Textbook good cop, bad cop.

We even have a history of this if we go back a few weeks to December of last year. The SK government caused some fud by putting out several statements that were very hostile towards crypto, and even suggesting a possible halt to trading, similar to what was put out yesterday. But then, once again a few hours later, they put out a more softened message, saying the ban was not really in the works, instead they just want sensible regulation to protect the “youth” of the country.

So within two weeks, we already have two examples of this exact same routine by the SK government. First putting out a harsh statement causing a market dip, then having another department soften the tone and say it was all a misunderstanding and all they “really” want to do is help cyrpto succeed.

Sadly, many in crypto are blaming the news for this confusion, but the confusion was manufactured TWICE now in exactly the same way using the exact same ruse by the SK government. The have one department or official come out with harsh language, then initiate a raid on very popular exchange, then have another department or official come out and moderate the tone of the earlier message, saying it was all just some confusion, and everything is fine. No need to worry about anything they say, the government really is on your side so don’t worry about all that other crazy talk.

I think it is clear now that the SK government is not being straight about their intentions, and any statement needs to be examined critically in a wider context of both their actions and ultimate intentions.

I especially urge my younger readers to understand that if you don’t think you are being manipulated, it generally means you are being fully manipulated. Never trust a government’s messaging or public statements. Their true intentions are never in black and white, and never take any statement at face value. No government agency or representative is ever on your side, especially when it comes to money. Never blindly trust a statement simply because it’s what you want to hear.

Your self interests and the interests of those in power will never overlap. So when they tell you exactly what you want to hear, it’s time to be suspicious.

Stay smart, and never get left holding the bag.

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